Leica Rangefinders
Find your target distance …

... reliably and precisely with just a single click.
1992 saw the launch of the Geovid, the first ever premium binoculars with an integrated laser rangefinder. A product that, for field sportsmen in particular, remains synonymous with the perfect combination of viewing and rangefinding excellence even today. Our monocular rangefinders are also true professionals when it comes to orientation. They offer simple and precise handling and show target distances at a single press of a button. Ballistic programmes calculate all the parameters you need to meet the essential criteria of ethical shooting.


Leica Geovid HD Rangefinders - the benchmark in viewing and distance measurement

NEW The rangefinding revolution begins here : The Geovid HD-B features numerous programmes and measuring functions. Once the pioneer, today the benchmark standard for laser rangefinders. Field sportsmen around the world have placed their trust in Leica Geovids for over 20 years, whose HD rangefinder has been optically and mechanically perfected to meet the precise needs of ethical shooting.

Leica Rangemaster – by tradition always one step ahead of the field

The CRF 1000-R offers hunters rangefinding precision and ballistics programmes to guarantee accurate up- and downhill shots. Knowing the precise distance is decisive.

Leica Pinmaster II – innovation moves into a second generation

For more precision on the golf course