Leica Binoculars
Technical excellence ensuring optical superiority.

Our engineers maintain close contact with discerning users throughout the world, sharing their passion for nature, and it is this which inspires us to develop our innovative products. Despite the enormous numbers of innovations, our products always have one thing in common: outstanding resolving power and extremely precise and durable mechanical construction.

Leica AquaDura® coating

The dirt and water repellent properties of AquaDura® coating guarantee a bright and crystal-clear view in any weather. Raindrops simply roll off exposed lens surfaces and fingerprints and dirt can be swiftly and easily wiped away. In addition, it protects the precious optical systems even more effectively against damage by scratching or abrasion.


HDC® (

High Durability Coating) - abrasion-resistant multi-coating

HDC® is an abrasion-resistant and transmission-enhancing coating applied in wafer-thin layers. HDC® guarantees superior light transmission and extreme resistance to abrasion. You enjoy a bright and crystal-clear image and additional protection of your equipment in outdoor use.


HLS®: High-Lux-System

The Leica HLS® High-Lux System combines a number of different measures for the suppression of stray light with specially developed reflective coatings on the prisms. This enables the improvement of light transmission and colour fidelity. The result when viewing: a particularly bright, colour-neutral and reflection-free image with outstanding clarity, contrast and sharpness.


Fluoride glasses

Fluoride glasses increase image contrast and resolution. The predominant ingredient in the formulation of FL glasses is calcium fluoride. FL glasses have significantly lower dispersion characteristics than conventional glasses and are much more effective in the correction of aberrations such as colour fringing. The effect of this is a much more natural and impressive viewing experience.



xtreme image brightness

High-quality optical systems contain a considerably greater number of lenses than simpler systems. Over the past decades, Leica has invested considerable effort in the further development of anti-reflex coatings and reflective layers for use in binoculars to maintain high image brightness despite the large number of lenses. And this is the reason why the image brightness of Leica binoculars is always so impressive, even though they often contain more than 20 air-glass boundaries.




Leica has developed a special simulator that visualises sources of stray light in the design phase to ensure that stray and false light is eliminated before production begins. Thanks to optimised baffles, stray-light traps and the application of light-absorbing paints, the design of the new HD objective lenses ensures that stray light can never diminish the viewing experience. Effective stray-light suppression is also instrumental in ensuring increased contrast performance.

Leica mechanical precision - consistently smooth focusing

Focusing is made even smoother by special Leica focusing mechanisms. Optimum combinations of materials and high-performance plastic floating disks are employed in their construction. The advantage of this is that focusing does not become stiff when temperatures are low, or too loose at higher temperatures.


Ultravid Trinovid Duovid Geovid
HD objective lenses Yes No No Yes
AquaDura® coating Yes (except BL version) No No Yes
Fluoride glasses Yes No No Yes
HLS® HighLux System Yes Yes Yes Yes
HDC® multicoating Yes Yes Yes Yes
Integrated magnification change No No Yes No
Body Magnesium Magnesium Aluminium Aluminium
Objective lens diameter 32 mm I 42 mm I 50 mm 42 mm 42 mm I 50 mm 42 mm I 56 mm
Magnification factor 7× I 8× I 10× I 12× 8× I 10× 8× + 12× I 10× + 15× 8× + 12× I 10× + 15×
Waterproof to 5 m / 16.5 ft Yes Yes Yes Yes
Close focus limit ~ 2.95 m / 9.7 ft ~ 3.5 m / 11.5 ft ~ 3.5 m / 11.5 ft ~ 5.6 m / 18.4 ft
Integrated laser rangefinder No No No Yes