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The most wonderful moments ...


... are those you always hope to capture. Each is a once-in-a-lifetime event. In the past we could only wish for the ability to stop time to capture the details of a brief moment, but today, we can take unique and breathtaking images of the world of nature home with us at the end of every trip. And relive those wonderful experiences again and again - with the digiscoping system from Leica.



Unique sightings

Well hidden on the shores of the lake, you watch a bird of prey close by. Imposing, almost majestic, it sits on a branch, waiting for prey. You press the shutter release. It is for moments like these that we created our digiscoping system.



only completely integrated premium brand digiscoping system

Leica is the only premium optics manufacturer to offer a complete digiscoping system. All components of the system are engineered for perfect mechanical and optical harmony. This also ensures that it is fantastically easy to use and enables you to capture images of incomparable quality.


Digiscoping - a passion

Discover the joy of unique viewing with Leica digiscoping and preserve breathtaking moments for all time.