Total understanding is complete relief.

Depth of knowledge is as important as depth of field. Not only are Leica's worldwide repair centres constantly monitored and certified, but our factory technicians have a profound understanding of every last detail of every Leica ever made. Leica maintains a worldwide service network to ensure the legendary quality, precision, long life, and intrinsic value of Leica products for many years. Current or historical Leica models are maintained or repaired at the Solms factory or in an authorised workshop near you, by trained technicians using only original spare parts.


At the Solms factory, your Leica model is in the best hands. Our service technicians know every product down to the finest detail, even rare Leica antiques.


A network of workshops checked and certified by Leica is available worldwide for secure and prompt maintenance or repair of your Leica.

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We need your feedback in order to offer optimum service. Please let us know how satisfied you are with our services. You can give us your personal evaluation with your information to a Leica service repair.