Leica precision optics that set new standards

35, 50, 75 and 90 mm - Lenses for every application

Our lens manufacturing is designed to deliver high performance lenses that ensure the best possible picture in any given situation. To achieve this goal, in-depth knowledge of the properties of hundreds of types of glass, the effectiveness of complex coatings, precision manufacturing, and customised fine-tuning, is imperative. The Summarit lenses are no exception to these exacting standards.


It takes decades of experience to produce perfect image quality. This however is nothing less than the basic requirement when our objective is to supply photographers with equipment capable of achieving pictures of unsurpassed crisp quality, colour brilliance, fullness of detail and richness of contrast.


In this context, the Summarit lens series certainly maintain this Leica tradition. At the same time, based on Leica's unparalleled years of experience, the brand is defining a new standard - the same uncompromising craftsmanship and quality ethos that defines "made in Germany" but allied to the contemporary technologies used in Leica lens manufacturing.

By consistently concentrating on the fundamentals, the Summarit lenses allow photographers to achieve the best possible results with either our digital or analogue M cameras. The ever more sensitive film materials and image sensors, the consistent starting aperture of f/2.5 and the adoption of a newly developed and optimised spherical design enables the lens's compactness. In addition it ensures excellent picture quality at an unusually good price/performance ratio.

With 35, 50, 75 and 90 millimetre focal lengths, the Summarit series covers the full spectrum of classic rangefinder photography, from the word go. The lenses are, of course, 6-bit encoded for optimised use with the Leica M digital cameras and true to the Leica tradition, they are designed to reveal their full potential with all M cameras from the Leica M3 onwards.

All Summarit-M lenses are shipped in velour pouches, with metal lens caps for the front and back. In addition high-quality solid metal sun hoods are available as accessories.