For the sheer joy of creative design.
Paul Smith for Leica.

What the red dot is to Leica, above all bright stripes are to Paul Smith designs and the most wonderful proof that they can live in perfect harmony is embodied in every single one of the 1,500 cameras of the strictly limited Leica X2 Edition Paul Smith.


As ever, when the English designer wants to give a classic that special twist, the aim of the stylish makeover of the Leica X2 was the creation of sheer joy. This exclusive special edition combines British style with German design, German and British traditions - the red dot and bright, colourful stripes. Both of them iconic trademarks.


And it is these immensely popular stripes that are now recreated in the design of this special edition of the Leica X2: in the bright orange on the top plate, the legendary British racing green of the leather trim and the fluorescent yellow of its base.
As well as the courageous and refreshingly bright combination of colours, another Paul Smith highlight is the stylised light bulb engraved on the cover of the pop-up flash.

"Photography is very close to my heart"

Paul Smith is regarded as Britain's most successful fashion designer. But for quite a while now, the designer's interests have no longer been exclusively in the world of fashion. Paul Smith's designs now make the entire planet that little bit brighter with everything from bottles and tableware to furniture and carpets, skis and - would you believe it - even cars.

Take a look now, and see for yourself that Paul Smith the man is just as refreshing as his design. Find out when his passion for photography began, and what the connection is between the knighted designer and Leica.


In addition to the camera, the special limited edition features a range of accessories also designed by Paul Smith. These include a camera protector and a camera strap, both in taupe-coloured calfskin, and a lens cleaning cloth inscribed with ‘Paul Smith for Leica'.
As the Leica X2 Edition Paul Smith is an expression of sheer joy, this has to begin when unwrapping it and that's why this special edition is perfectly packed in an equally specially designed presentation box.
Leica X2 Edition Paul Smith - for the sheer joy of creative design.

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