Leica SF 58 and LEICA SF 24D
Leica X2 Additional Flash Unit

The Leica X2 features a retractable flash which acts as a fill-in flash and can even be synchronised to the second shutter curtain. When more power and flexibility are required the Leica SF 24D and SF 58 system flash units are compatible with the X2

Leica SF 58

The LEICA SF 58 is a powerful and versatile flash unit that is perfectly adapted to the camera. Whether you employ its sensitive control options to carefully lighten up a subject, its innovative reflector technology to diversify the lighting and capture movement, or its full capacity to turn the dead of night into living day, is up to you and your creative needs. Thanks to ample power reserves, speed, comprehensive features and simple handling, the LEICA SF 58 is cut out for any challenge - and, thanks to its integrated USB port, the firmware always remains up to date.

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Leica SF 24D

The Leica SF 24D electronic flash unit is designed to be compact and also to provide the maximum distance between the flash reflector and the camera lens, which minimises the risk of red eye when photographing people and animals. In automatic mode, six automatic flash apertures 2.0/2.8/4.0/5.6/8/11 are available. An override switch allows the exposure to be varied by plus/minus three stops. All settings and other information are legibly displayed on the Leica SF 24D's illuminated LCD. These include an exposure confirmation indication and flash ready light.

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Name: Order number
LEICA SF 24D Flash Unit 14444
LEICA SF 58 Flash Unit 14488