Edition 02/2014

Analogue or digital, Leica is photography - a photography that comes to life in LFI.
For more than 60 years, LFI has been the independent magazine for the Leica world - an acknowledged institution for all those wanting to know, see and understand more about Leica. Eight times a year, LFI features the best Leica photographers. Within LFI's pages, the reader will find in depth test studies of Leica products as well as ancillary equipment, technical reports on digital and analogue photography, interesting users tips, exclusive reportages and much more.

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The current issue features all this and more:

Talking with:

Felix Krömer, Head of the Modern Art Collection at the Städel Museum in Frankfurt.


Mono. From sceptic to enthusiast: how the photographer Ralph Gibson discovered digital photography at age 75 with the Leica M Monochrom.


Mongolian Disco. No traces remain of Mongolia's traditional nomad life style in down town Ulan Bator - a challenging visit for photographer Sven Zellner.


Between the Mask. Where does the actor end and the role take over? Thomas Schweigert looks for the answer, with portraits before and after the performance.

Leica World:

Extreme Adapting. Special lenses such as fish-eyes or tilt/shift are not available with M bayonets. We look at how they can still be adapted to the Leica M (Type 240) and what kind of photographic results can be expected.

Leica World:

The Fake Leica. Dutch Leica dealer Duncan Meeder from Lisse and Chinese artist Liao Yibai honour the camera's 100 year jubilee with the Fake Leica series.


Hellas's right-wingers. In 2012 the neo-fascist party Golden Dawn acquired nearly seven percent of the vote. A look at hardened party members and unsettled sympathisers.

Leica Classics:

One Moment. The 1933 wedding present was a Leica: then came emigration. How the lawyer Fred Stein began a second career as a photographer.


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