Edition 03/2014

Analogue or digital, Leica is photography - a photography that comes to life in LFI.
For more than 60 years, LFI has been the independent magazine for the Leica world - an acknowledged institution for all those wanting to know, see and understand more about Leica. Eight times a year, LFI features the best Leica photographers. Within LFI's pages, the reader will find in depth test studies of Leica products as well as ancillary equipment, technical reports on digital and analogue photography, interesting users tips, exclusive reportages and much more.

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The current issue features all this and more:


Talking with:

Min-Jung Jonsson, 
curator of the Fotografiska museum in Stockholm.



A Stage for the Unconscious. The fabulous world of Roger Ballen: intoxicating 
black and white pictures staged in a Johannesburg slum 
inhabited by people and animals.



The Green Mile. Despite the heavy levels of radiation, nature reclaims the red zone around Fukushima. Three years after the disaster, evacuees are still living in emergency shelters.



Fair Trade in the Caribbean. Mike Tinney accompanied a group of Slow Food activists who sailed to Grenada aboard a trading ketch, to import natural produce from the island to Great Britain.



The Power of Reduction. With extremely reduced, square format pictures, 
the Russian photographer Ekaterina Mishchenkova 
primarily uses herself as her main subject.


Leica World:

Image manipulation. Even documentary 
photography often gets accused of image manipulation. Are there technical means to distinguish 
between original and 
manipulated pictures?


Leica World:

My lens. Compact and appropriate for many situations: 
Danny Wilcox Frazier has chosen the Summicron-M 35mm f/2 Asph as his 
favourite lens.


Leica World:

Sensor formats. People are passionate about the subject of sensor formats. But there 
is no ‘right’ one: each 
format has advantages and disadvantages.



Fighting for the Future. In the Ukraine the Klitschko brothers are the best 
known boxing icons. Many children and youths in the country would like to emulate their success.


Leica Classics:

Magic Moments. Herbert List went to professional photography quite 
late in life. Influenced by the New Objectivity of the twenties, he tried to keep a distance from his subjects.


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