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NABU Naturzentrum Katinger Watt

The Wadden Sea plays an extremely important role as a resting place for migrating birds. The feathered visitors use the location to replenish their essential fat deposits. They preen their feathers and recover from the strains of the thousand of kilometres travelled during the long first part of their journey. It's an ideal attraction for bird enthusiasts. The nature conservation centre, NABU Naturzentrum Katinger Watt, has been in existence since 1991 and now attracts around 13,000 visitors each year. In addition to the house, the nature information area covers 200 hectares including an observation tower and two observation huts constructed on the British model. Newcomers to bird watching can also take part in impressive observation activities and admire the gathering of grey geese, redshanks or lapwings right up close. The guided excursions organised by the NABU Team lead through the nature reserve along the river Eider, the Grüne Insel area and Olversumer Vorland. Leica binoculars and Televid spotting scopes are on hand to provide the perfect companions during these observation activities. Leica Camera AG has supported the important education work carried out by NABU Naturzentrum Katinger Watt for many years.

NABU Naturschutzstation e.V. - project "Naturschauspiel Wildgänse am Niederrhein"

Every year in autumn on the lower Rhine you can experience a unique natural event as droves of wild geese turn their back on the uncomfortable breeding grounds in the Arctic and take a break on their way to the south. They can be seen in the autumn air as more and more geese fly in. Year after year therefore many friends of these birds come to the lower Rhine to observe these large groups of geese browsing at juicy willows or to marvel at them flying to their roosts in the evening.