Crane information centre Groß Mohrdorf.
Ideal point for birdwatching on the coast of the Baltic Sea.

This amazing resting place for migrating cranes is one of the most impressive natural spectacles to be seen anywhere. Germany's Baltic Sea coast between the islands of Rügen and Bock and the peninsula of Zingst is home to the largest resting places for migrating cranes in Central Europe. Twice each year, the large birds flock to the location to replenish their energy before continuing their journey. The autumn visit of the cranes is enjoyed by thousands of bird enthusiasts as one of nature's most impressive events. Up to 40,000 birds spend around three months resting in the Boddenlandschaft area. The formations of the cranes can be seen and heard for miles around. The trumpeting cries lend a wild atmosphere to the autumn sky and if the expectant nature enthusiasts are rewarded with the sight of a powerful sunset providing the perfect backdrop to the large flocks of beautiful cranes descending. The setting could not be more perfect. Equipped with Leica binoculars and spotting scopes, the rangers at the crane information center in Groß Mohrdorf not only have a better view themselves, but can also offer the "crane tourists" the pleasure of sharing in the wondrous sight.