Passion and perfection for creating better images

Leica: that means best German Engineering and a special culture of the picture. Our eyes have the greatest influence over how we perceive and understand our world. Leica has a long history of focusing on perception and has developed innovative instruments that afford a unique seeing experience. The result is a renowned series of cameras and lenses, not to mention projectors, and a superb range of sport optics including high-aperture and laser rangefinder binoculars, and spotting scopes. These products expand the natural limits of perception when the distance is too great or the light too weak and open up new dimensions for human vision and insight. The optical performance in unmistakeable - Leica quality is in a class by itself - both in analog and digital capture modes. Intuitive controls, combined with upgradeable, top-quality systems, provide the best picture results and offer unparalleled creative freedom. In this way, Leica helps transform vision into personal creative fulfilment, in many cases nurturing a fervent passion for expression that spans the decades.

Best lenses

Ultimately, it is the lenses - and the optical quality of the sport optics products - that are chiefly responsible for establishing the legend and high ideals of the Leica brand. They are all precision crafted masterpieces - practical, compact, ergonomic, cutting-edge lenses for ultimate in analog and digital photography and observation. Their outstanding optical performance makes observing and capturing meaningful moments easy. Pictures taken with Leica lenses not only highlight the quality of their major aspects such as contrast, resolution and beautiful pictorial rendition but also demonstrate the capabilities of Leica products with regard to design, performance, and the ability to capture natural expression. Our engineers and designers constantly strive to meet the challenges set by people with the highest expectations. The more diverse Leica products and their areas of application become, the more sophisticated and wide-ranging are the techniques needed to produce equipment that yields world-class results. In terms of optics, this means designing advanced fluorite glass, glass with abnormal partial dispersion, aspherical lenses, and apochromatic lenses. In short it means using all the latest tools of modern technology to ensure that all Leica cameras and lenses provide unforgettable visual experiences.

Focus on the essential

In today's market, many products attempt to attract buyers with countless features and unusual forms. Almost anything is possible. But it is often the things that appear simple which prove to be the most difficult to attain. For Leica, the focus is first and foremost on the needs of the user. Innovations are never ends in themselves but are always the result of countless discussions with and feedback from users. Leica products are designed from the ground up as tools for creating completely unique visual experiences - nothing more and nothing less. For this reason since the very first Leica, the focus during mechanical and optical development of mechanics and lenses has been on providing truly relevant functions. It is this focus on the essential that lies at the heart of the fascination inspired by the Leica brand. The Leica M-System, for example, is a masterpiece in the art of minimalist design achieved without compromising on quality - for photographers, who want the freedom to unleash their creativity. The unrivalled performance of Leica lenses is also based on our immensely dedicated and supremely innovative optical engineers focusing their impressive talent and energy on developing clear, straightforward optical solutions. These brilliant designs often require fewer lens elements, thus maximizing light transmission, and they always employ high-quality glass types and perfect production methods leading to images with an unmistakable character.

Long-standing values

Leica stands for visual enjoyment and lasting value. Our approach and Leica's unique technical expertise make our optical instruments ideal companions offering the highest possible reliability and durability. Even under extreme conditions such as severe temperature fluctuation or impacts, our products meet or exceed the highest expectations. All Leica cameras and lenses, all our projectors, binoculars, spotting scopes and laser rangefinders are the result of decades of experience, uncompromisingly high quality standards, and continuous development by innovative international teams made up of both experts and users. All these elements influence what we put into practice in our hi-tech laboratories and during the Leica manufacturing process. The best materials, combined with reliable precision mechanics and careful manufacturing, guarantee outstanding performance even in severe conditions such as shooting in arctic regions, up Mount Kilimanjaro, or in the Sahara Desert. Last but not least, the superior quality of Leica Service guarantees that Leica products will offer decades of enjoyment and lasting value.