Leica Visoflex

For your Leica T and Leica X (Typ 113)

The high-resolution, electronic accessory viewfinder enables photography from unusual angles, for more creative scope when shooting. A sensor detects the user’s eye. When the eye is looking through the finder, the camera monitor is turned off – when the eye is no longer detected, the LCD display comes on again. The viewfinder also features an integrated GPS option.

For further information, please visit the technical equipment page of the Leica T or Leica X (Typ 113).



For your Leica M (Typ 240), Leica X-Vario, X-E and X2

This electronic viewfinder has a resolution of 1.4 megapixels and 90° swivel action for capturing images from unusual angles, it displays all of the significant exposure parameters. It therefore enables precise composition control – particularly in very bright light.

For further information, please visit the technical equipment page of the Leica M (Typ 240) or of the Leica X-Cameras.


Visoflex Case

The ideal accessory

The finder is always well stowed away in the practical Visoflex case – and ready for action in a flash. When the flap with the magnetic clasp is opened,the finder automatically rises from the case. This case can be securely attached to all Leica carrying straps with its crossed safety clips.

Available as Vintage- and Country-Case. Further information can you get here.