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Issue 4/2019

124 pages packed full of exciting photographic material: Multi-talent Lenny Kravitz presents a selection of pictures from his latest exhibition project, “Drifter”, a black and white, visual journey through the musician's restless life; in the isolated country of North Korea, photographer Xiomara Bender is mesmerised by the country of perfectly performed propaganda; in Brazil, Nicoló Lanchfranchi visited the indigenous Macushi people, and accompanied them during the struggle for their land rights;

Robin Maddock impresses with his abstract, graphic, black and white series, III; José Louis Carillo invites us to an intoxicating feast of colours and smoke, with his series of portraits from Spain.

In addition: Lenny Kravitz’s new special edition M Monochrom “Drifter”; the new Leica CL “Bauhaus”; bluetooth connectivity on the Q2; the best by LFI Gallery users; and much more.

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I find this picture tough, because it represents a part of Venezuelan society that venerates guns. They are a normal part of everyday life.
Ana María Arévalo

A tattoo of a gun represents power and authority, just as much as protection.”

Ambassador Ana Maria Arevalo

In her ‘Dias Eternos’ long-term project, recently published in LFI 3/2019, the Venezuelan photographer Ana María Arévalo looks into conditions in centers of detention in her homeland. She focuses primarily on the fates of imprisoned women. It is the tattoo in this picture that draws the attention: the photographer explains in the LFI Blog the story behind it.

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