Pro Hunter Simon K Barr, UK

“Breathtaking moments”

Although in his childhood, he often went hunting with his father, Simon’s first love was fly fishing. Later he also developed a passion for hunting on dry land. For Leica, as well as various international hunting magazines, he reports his hunting adventures, which lead him to some of the most remote regions of the world. He loves the great challenge that hunting offers. Together with his wife the 36-year-old hunter lives in Scotland, and he is already looking forward to taking his newborn daughter hunting for the first time.

Pro Hunter Philippe Jaeger, FRA

“Each hunt is a special experience“

Philippe is originally from Alsace and in his youth he was opposed to hunting. He changed his opinion when he met people who explained to him that the foolish behaviour of some hunters had nothing to do with real hunting. Philippe got his hunting licence and bought a hunting dog, which he trained himself. Today he can’t imagine his life without hunting. He is now 44 years old and has a son, and, when he is not travelling around the word to go hunting, he enjoys his family life in the Vosges Mountains.

Pro Hunter Florian Maack, GER

“Great freedom and immense responsibility”

Florian grew up in a gamekeeper’s lodge in the Lueneburg Heath (Lüneburger Heide) and he made his first steps in life side by side with dogs, stags and hunters. So he enjoyed the privilege of learning from people who value responsibility and respect for game and all of nature’s life forms above anything else. For Florian, hunting is a professional craft and a philosophy, bringing great freedom and immense responsibility. Each kind of game and hunting has its own attraction for the 34-year-old hunter from Germany. But, if he had to choose, he would always put the red deer hunt first: “There’s nothing like the magic of a cold, sunny September morning during the rutting season.”

Pro Hunter Tom Foss, CAN

“Mental toughness and perseverance help you reach your aim”

Tom accepts any kind of hardship for the bighorn sheep hunt. This means hiking through difficult terrain in high mountain regions, snow, sudden weather changes, and more. These days, he looks back on 30 years experience. His fascination for bighorn sheep, however, has grown over the years and has taught him one thing: mental toughness and perseverance really pay off. When the Canadian isn’t out and about in the mountains, he is planning his next hunting trip, perfecting his archery skills or writing his next report for Leica.

Pro Hunter Savanna Koebisch, CAN/GER

“I love hunting in the mountains”

The German-Canadian Savanna Koebisch was only 12 weeks old when her parents took her hunting for the first time. Her childhood and youth were marked by outdoor and hunting adventures around the world, and hunting has become an integral part of her daily life. Some months ago she moved from her home in Alberta to study in Germany. Here the 20-year-old hunter enjoys the traditional German way of hunting, and for Leica she writes about her experiences.

Pro Hunter Niko Fux, GER

“Fascination and enthusiasm for nature“

Niko Fux is actually called Nikola Ludwig, and together with her husband she lives on her own farm in southern Lower Saxony. Since her childhood, 39-year-old Niko has been familiar with hunting, when she used to accompany her father and uncle in their local hunting territory. They taught her love and respect for hunting, nature and wildlife. 13 years ago Niko Fux finally got her own hunting license. With her beautifully written children’s books and many dedicated projects, the nursery-school teacher has the opportunity to pass on her fascination and enthusiasm for nature to children and adults alike.

Photo: Anna Kaufmann