Accuracy, attention and the passion for detail are in the nature of observation.

Therefore, Leica’s engineers maintain close contact to discerning users throughout the world. Inspired by their experience and enthusiasm, they develop innovative products that truly meet the users needs. Leica binoculars know only the finest components. Their outstanding resolving power and precise and durable mechanical construction let users embark on a voyage of discovery.


Always by your side

Leica binoculars are ready for any kind of adventure

Whether for birding or wildlife observation, for travel or leisure activities, a piece from Leica’s binocular range is sure to be your ideal companion.

High-class components

Combining superior optics with precise mechanisms

Leica combines state-of-the-art optics and mechanisms with first-class design in the construction of all products.

Life in detail

Crystal clear view of the finest structures

Identify even the finest details and experience the joy of a bright, crystal clear and high-contrast view every time.

The binoculars at a glace