Leica S-System

A class of its own

Digital Technology
Classic at heart

The Leica S-System was conceived from the ground up as a purely digital camera system and was built with the precise needs of professional photographers in mind.

The medium-format camera offers impressively easy handling, extreme ruggedness, excellent imaging quality and components that are perfectly matched for a seamless photographic experience. 

  • Intuitive and robust

    The Leica S instills confidence with its robust construction, including dust and weather sealing, superior rubber cladding and intuitive handling that allows its users to brave the elements and shoot where ever they see fit.

  • Less is more

    Compact and functional in design and comparable in size to a 35mm DSLR, the Leica S-System with its innovative Leica ProFormat Sensor sets benchmark standards in the digital medium-format camera segment.

  • The ultimate in lens performance

    The photographic potential of the system is unlimited with this extensive range of lenses; even more so now that adapters for Hasselblad H and Contax 645 lenses are available – with a central shutter option for Hasselblad H lenses.

Mark Mann
Working with the Leica S

Reignite your passion for photography with the Leica S. Photographer Mark Mann works with the Leica S (Typ 007) to create extraordinary portraits.


Leica S (Typ 007)

With its superior technology and sophisticated ergonomics, the Leica S is up to any photographic challenge anywhere it may be – whether on location or in the studio. The outstanding performance of Leica S lenses with focal lengths from 24 to 180 mm - most of which are also available with optional central shutters - contribute to this.


Leica S-Lenses
In a class of their own

The best camera requires the best lenses to show its true potential and resolve. This is why our design engineers always push the limits of what is technically possible, and never accept compromises.

Leica S-Lenses combine traditional Leica quality with cutting-edge technology and innovation.


PoP-2 | APO-Elmar-S 3.5/180 | Briese | 1512x1008 - inkl. Exif
PoP 1 | S-Vario-Lens | 1512x1008 | incl.Exif Data
PoP 3 | S-Vario-Lens | 1512x1008 | incl.Exif Data
Paolo Esposito 1 | Summicron 2/100 | 1512x1008 inkl. Meta Data
PoP 5 | S-Vario-Lens | 1512x1008 | incl.Exif Data
Paolo Esposito 3 | Summicron 2/100 | 1512x1008 inkl. Meta Data
Paolo Esposito 6 | Summicron 2/100 | 1512x1008 inkl. Meta Data
Paolo Esposito 9 | Summicron 2/100 | 1512x1008 inkl. Meta Data
PoP 1 - Interieur | Super-Elmar-S 3.5/24 ASPH. | 1512x1008 inkl. Meta Data

Leica S Accessories
Professional equipment for the S-System

Only a versatile line of accessories turns a camera into a system suitable for every need.
From the outset, the Leica S-System has a wide range of specially developed technical equipment to adapt the camera system to the photographer’s individual needs.


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S-Magazine online
Art & fashion photography at its best

Digital features, videos, news, editorials & ads: Look no further for the latest international photo shoots, shot exclusively with the Leica S.


Leica S-System Service
Advice and support for the

The Leica S-System is distributed exclusively by a network of specially qualified dealers and Leica Stores, which can offer the best possible advice and support for professional photographers.


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