Proven technology in a new look

Premium design

Alone the looks of the Leica S-E make it a fascinating alternative to a Leica S. With a top deck in anthracite grey and a silver anodised shutter speed dial, it is the perfect companion in both the studio and on location.

Extremely efficient

The optimised energy-efficiency concept of the Leica S-E lets you make more than 1,000 exposures on a single battery charge. This doesn’t even slow it down; thanks to its 2 GB buffer memory, it even lets you capture long sequences of up to 32 DNG files with lossless compression in continuous shooting mode.

Leica medium format sensor

With dimensions of 30 by 45 millimetres, its large, low-noise CCD sensor is in Leica Proformat. The microprism layer on its sensor guarantees uniform image brightness from corner to corner.

Dual-shutter system

Thanks to its unique dual-shutter system, photographers have the choice of using the camera’s fast focal plane shutter up to a speed of 1/4000 s or the electronically-controlled central shutters of CS lenses that allow flash sync at all speeds up to 1/1000 s.

Optimum image quality

Its predictive autofocus helps photographers to capture perfect images of difficult subjects and scenes. Its broad sensitivity range from ISO 100 to ISO 1600 ensures maximum flexibility – enabling photographers to work with the lens wide open in extremely bright light and shoot sessions in the most difficult lighting conditions.