Exemplary analog. Timeless photographs.

M7, black chrome
M7, black chrome M7, silver chrome

Analog photography

In this increasingly electronic age, the Leica M7 remains a puristic camera, transforming the act of capturing compelling images into an exciting and sensual experience. First comes concentration, then anticipation and lastly joy over brilliant results.

Automatic exposure alternatives

As an alternative to the familiar manual exposure metering of other analog M-Cameras – which, of course, remains still an option with the M7 – the camera offers a convenient, continuously variable aperture priority exposure mode with AE lock that is activated by lightly depressing the shutter release.

Creative flash options

The M7 and its dedicated flash unit allows second-curtain flash synchronization. The advantage: a more natural look of moving subjects. In addition to the standard synchronization speed of 1/50 sec, the M7 also synchronizes at a speed of up to 1/1000 sec when used in combination with certain Metz flash units.

Zero incorrect exposures

The Leica M7 offers the choice of setting the ISO manually or by using the contactless automatic film-speed detection built into the camera body, effectively preventing incorrect exposure due to wrongly set ISO film speeds. As a further option, photographers may input exposure corrections of up to ±2 stops in the automatic exposure mode.

Enhanced precision plus manual back-up

The Leica horizontal cloth focal plane shutter has been fundamentally revised for the M7 – it is now electronic! This shutter is extremely quiet, allowing you undisturbed access to the subject. What’s more, the two commonly used shutter speeds of 1/60 sec and 1/125 sec can even function without battery power. So even if your batteries fail you, this camera will not.

Ready to go...or stow

The ON/OFF switch, ergonomically located directly next to the shutter release, has two important functions: activating the electronics of the Leica M7 and locking the shutter release when the camera is turned off.