“A photograph is the result of every past moment of the photographer’s life, both conscious and subconscious, which has made him the person he is at the exact moment he clicks the shutter.”

The US photographer’s picture stories are often enigmatic; yet, at the same time, the unusual compositions are fascinating. Considering the brightness of the California sun and the endless beaches that have left their mark on Diamond, it is hardly surprising that his images are im-bued with intense light phenomenon and water textures. In addition, a number of the pictures capture apparently chance moments of everyday urban life, whereby Diamond’s perception of his contemporaries is defined by a true delight in photographic experimentation – making a closer look often worthwhile. Taken in black and white with a Leica M6, what we notice in the White Noise series are the surprising details alongside graphic, rather abstract structures and surfaces of white space – at times the motif seems to nearly disappear. Diamond’s pic-tures are taken with the mindset of a documentary photographer. This, combined with an intu-itive cinematic style, allows him to create stark, uncompromising imagery: “I focus on true-life moments, and look for those rare instances that go beyond verbal description.”

The earliest photo in the series was already taken back in 1999 during a trip to India. Taken from a distant perspective, we see a coastline with two groups of four men each: the picture’s composition, however, is defined by the horizontal line created by the beach and the edge of the water. It is a very typical photo for the series that was primarily taken between 2005 and 2011. “I love the look of the white space and the way it makes the subject stand out in the middle of it all. That is the real focus. Subjects within a landscape awash in white light. The name White Noise seems very fitting.”
Born in Los Angeles in 1970, Jesse Diamond attended Cal Arts University where he trained as a musician and studied visual arts as a secondary course. Inspired by a trip to Africa in 1995, Diamond decided to concentrate entirely on photography. His professional photography career has been as diverse as his subject matter. In addition to individual artistic projects, he also works on assignment. In 2004, Diamond was selected as Fine Art Photographer of the Year by the International Photography Awards. In 2012 he co-founded, an online photography portfolio review service. Jesse Diamond is based in Los Angeles.


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