A new generation of professional lenses

No other brand has such a legendary reputation for the development of excellent lenses as Leica. It is therefore not surprising that the new lenses for the Leica SL also provide unrivaled imaging results. In combination with the fastest autofocus in any professional camera system, this makes working with the Leica SL an entirely new experience. The SL-System is compatible with almost all Leica lenses ever made.

The LEICA SL-System Lenses

The lenses of the Leica SL-System are all specially designed and constructed for the new Leica SL mirrorless professional camera. As there is no longer a mirror and prism assembly, it was possible to realize a much shorter register. This constructional difference enables completely new optical and mechatronic solutions and, in return, the creation of lenses that deliver no less than the best in every respect.



Refined optical systems guarantee the exceptional imaging quality of the Leica SL-Lenses. Aspherical elements are employed for the correction of monochromatic aberrations. Specially formulated glass types eliminate chromatic aberrations. In the design of the lenses, particular care has been taken to ensure homogeneous imaging performance at all focal lengths and settings. This allows the choice of the ideal aperture for the creative effect you have in mind in every situation. 

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As Leica SL-Lenses already achieve extremely high contrast values at maximum aperture, they are particularly suitable for the creative use of planes of sharpness and unsharpness and the distinct isolation of subject details. In addition, sophisticated coating on all lens surfaces effectively minimizes reflections, stray light, and flare.



Leica SL-Lenses focus from infinity to the closest focusing distance with exceptional speed and set reference standards in the professional camera segment. The reasons for this are, on the one hand, the advanced evaluation and control algorithms in the camera and, on the other hand, the newly developed focusing drives. The lightweight lens elements focus rapidly and almost noiselessly with absolute precision and are almost silent in video mode thanks to a special control mechanism. 

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Manual focusing is dynamic – meaning that the focusing speed is dependent on the speed of turning the mechanically uncoupled focusing ring. A depth-of-field scale for the currently selected settings can be displayed as an additional option in the EyeRes® viewfinder of the camera.



The shorter register due to the omission of the mirror and its related components is exploited by newly developed optical and mechatronic constructions. These allow lenses used with the camera to deliver even better performance in all disciplines. For the preservation of consistent imaging quality at closer focusing distances, the SL-Lenses feature floating elements that are positioned separately with their own motors. For this, only particularly light focusing elements that fulfill the demands of a fast, responsive, and almost-silent autofocus system are employed in the lenses. 

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Thanks to their encapsulated construction and seals impervious to water and dust, SL-Lenses are ideally protected against potentially damaging environmental influences. In addition, Leica AquaDura® coating provides effective protection of the exposed surfaces of lenses against dirt and scratching.

Leica TL-Lenses

As all Leica TL-Lenses are fully compatible with the Leica SL lens mount, this expands the camera’s range of options and brings even more creative freedom – with no need for an adapter.

Leica SL-Adapters

Leica adapters permit the use of more than 100 Leica lenses on the Leica SL. For instance, they allow photographers to take advantage of the exceptional performance of Leica S and M lenses. In the case of Leica M-Lenses, all functions, such as exposure metering, automatic aperture priority exposure, and manual setting are preserved to their full extent. Thanks to the Leica R-Adapter L, even the proven excellence of the extensive range of R-Lenses can be exploited to its full extent.