New: Leica Visus 1–4 x 24 i LW

Exceptionally refined, reliable and universal

Leica Sport Optics expands its Visus i LW product line with a new model: the Leica Visus 1–4 x 24 i LW, a new model especially for driven hunt. The new Leica Visus riflescope – as the Leica Visus 2.5-10 x 42 i LW and the Visus 3-12 x 50 i LW - offers users exceptional product design and surface finishes.

The Leica Visus i LW models are a unique combination of the fine arts of engineering, classical style and modern technology. They are true masterpieces of innovative product design, optical excellence and mechanical reliability. Traditional design elements, such as paint-filled manual stylus engraving and specially developed surface finishes, meet modern, daylight-readable illumination and the ultimate in optical design.

Rich traditions and proven qualities: Available in “matte” and “glossy” finish
The Leica Visus 1–4 x 24 i LW guarantees extremely fast and accurate target location, especially with running game. The modern optics ensures a high contrast and dependable sighting under even the most unfavourable light conditions. The Leica Visus i LW models consciously fuse rich traditions and proven qualities with cutting-edge mechanical and optical excellence to create a previously unseen visual and tactile experience. The high-quality aluminium surfaces of each individual riflescope are hand polished for hours to achieve a classic, refined look and feel. Next, the lettering and scales are stylus engraved and filled with paint, again entirely by hand. This process demands exceptional skill and has been employed and continually refined by Leica for generations. The Leica Visus i LW ‘Glossy’ realises its full potential when mounted on an elegant traditional rifle – only in this setting can its unique design and its striking beauty to create a wonderfully harmonious ensemble. Just like their gloss-finished counterparts, the Leica Visus i LW models are modern riflescopes with classical, slender lines. The sandblasted, hard-anodised aluminium surface finish is particularly robust and resistant to scratches and abrasion. The matte finished models Leica Visus i LW models also feature the same hand-executed paint-filled stylus engravings as the gloss-finished versions. What’s more, with the exception of the rubber eye-cup, all plastic and rubber components have been banished and replaced by finely engineered, high-quality alternatives in metal. This underlines the values that have been the hallmark of Leica and its products for more than 100 years: product design that concentrates exclusively on essentials and goes hand-in-hand with unparalleled mechanical and optical excellence. All matte finished Visus i LW riflescopes are also available with rail mounts.

‘Iconic products with a soul’
Cyril Thomas, Global Director Leica Sport Optics said: ‘Leica is ever since known for creating product icons with a soul. These products are timeless and puristic and offer unparalleled quality. They are made for generations. The Leica Visus i LW perfectly expresses these Leica values.’

The benefits at a glance
_ Outstanding optical properties and high contrast, even in the twilight hours
_ Clear, daylight-readable reticle illumination with smart, automatic power-off
_ Hand polished, anodised aluminium surfaces
_ Stylus engraving with fill in a variety of colours
_ Robust and dependable mechanical systems for exceptional reliability and long service life
_ Simple and intuitive handling – even at low temperatures and in darkness
_ Long centre tube enables custom mounting and optimum eye-relief

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